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    An image with two briefs and two tip sheets on trauma-informed practices in TANF programs.

    Products Available!

    Trauma-Informed Practice

    The Office of Family Assistance has developed a set of four resources (two briefs, two tip sheets) to help TANF decision-makers, supervisors, and frontline staff implement trauma-informed practices.
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    An image of multiracial hands making a circle.

    Recording Now Available!

    Advancing Race Equity in TANF

    This OFA webinar, Insights on Advancing Race Equity in TANF, introduces key themes and tools and resources related to TANF and race equity to advance field capacity for staff training and development as well as data use.
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    An image of a hand holding an EBT card and trying to use it.

    Recording Now Available!

    Reducing EBT Card Skimming

    This OFA webinar, Strategies for Reducing EBT Card Skimming for TANF and SNAP Programs, explores ways agencies can educate participants on how to protect their benefits from theft, and answers questions about challenges and best practices.
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    An image of two children smiling and hugging their mom.

    Recording Now Available!

    Intimate Partner Violence

    This OFA webinar, From Surviving to Thriving: Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in TANF Programs, explores strategies to address IPV and highlights the realities of what programs face when working with people experiencing IPV.
  • Highlights Available!

    An image of four briefs on disaster response in four states and the Morongo Tribal TANF program.

    Highlights Available!

    OFA TANF Disaster Response

    The Office of Family Assistance TANF Disaster Response Highlights spotlight how some states (Colorado, Illinois, Maine) and the Morongo Tribal TANF program responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Coaching for Success

    A girl sitting with a laptop points upward at text that says OFA PeerTA eLearning modules.

    Coaching for Success

    eLearning Modules

    Coaching for Success is an interactive, self-paced OFA PeerTA eLearning curriculum. The 14 modules cover active listening, emotional intelligence, praise, and other techniques to develop coaching skills for TANF case management.

Recently Asked Questions

May 16, 2022

A representative from the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) would like to know if any other states or tribes deem virtual currency countable for TANF eligibility and if so, how are they implementing this? If VDSS were to do this, they would need to update their state program guidance to reflect how it would be countable. In addition, their state's cash management system would need to be updated to automatically convert virtual currency to US dollars when program participants indicate receipt of income with virtual currency.

April 19, 2022

A representative from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is looking to connect with states that have implemented TANF funded 50/50 match programming for TANF eligible employment and training participants. The representative wants to know:

• How difficult was the implementation of education and training services where 50% of the cost of providing services to TANF participants is reimbursed by the state?
• What lessons were learned?

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